Gitarooman - delay problem
Running Gitarooman at the moment, absolutely looks the business 60fps (dipping to ~55 now and again), 1920 x 1080 but obviously being a music/rhythm game, reactions are imperative. There is a slight delay of maybe 150ms I just can't get rid of, with VSYNC on its far worse and not sure what to do to help this situation. I have the audio on 50ms latency (near the lowest). Any tips?

PS. Playing on my real PS2 with the same game doesn't have this problem.

Edit- Using GSDx (latest) and VU steals set to off, just slows the visible frames.
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Latency is not the emulators strong point. Especially so if you require speed hacks to get to full fps.
We improved SPU2-X latency a bit lately, but it won't fix obvious delays.

My suggestion: Wait for a new PCSX2 + plugins release.

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