Github question
Ok so I have a little noob question here xD

So I want to submit a pull request. Created a branch locally with the changesĀ and now want to submit it on the git website on pcsx2 but it says I don't have permission xD
Any ideas ?

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That means you're probably trying to push directly to the PCSX2 master branch; which you don't have access to. Did you commit the changes to your local branch and push them to the local repo?

Also, are you using the Visual Studio addon or the Github application to manage your changes?
I'm using the github application and yea I did try to push changes master branch , well not really master branch since I actually tried creating a separate branch on the main pcsx2 git site. Will a fork merge do?
I took a look at your repo and saw that your working branch is named master. First, I would create a new branch that isn't named master, it makes the workflow alot less confusing when doing PRs.

When creating a PR, your screen should look similar to mine.
[Image: kesHkcz.png]
Here is the ss. It works on the fork repo but doesn't on the main one.
Check your repo on Github itself and make sure the changes you made are indeed pushed to your local repo.

Ah, I see what you did. Next you need to create a pull request on the Github website. Find your branch and you should see a button that says "Create Pull Request" Your screen should then look like this; and you'll be all set Smile

[Image: YiaGn57.png]
Yes they are , when I asked if I should make a fork merge that's what I meant Smile like on the picture you showed.

All good ?
Yeah you should be all set. Smile
Well I made one mistake , I merged a pull request on my rep from branch to master .. sigh
And now since I want to add a new pull request on main git pcsx2 old commits are compared as well. (and I don't want to recreate the rep since there is a pull request waiting on the main pcsx2 git)

Note to self , never touch the master rep ever again.
(01-14-2017, 11:08 PM)lightningterror Wrote: Well I made one mistake ...

Note to self , never touch the master rep ever again.

No worries, git has its learning curve, but it seems you're making your way already Wink

If by "rep" you mean "repository", then you probably meant "branch" instead. Also, it's very likely that you could revert whatever mistakes you made and bring it to how you want it to be. Not necessarily now, but you'd get there over time.

One unrelated thing though, if you intend to make a big PR (like 1772), it's better to first ask other devs (here or on irc or you could open an issue on github and ask) whether your suggested change and approach have a "green light" to go ahead. Otherwise you "risk" working on it and then being rejected, like with that copyright year PR. FYI.

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