Gladius - How well does it run
Even though most of my other games have improved greatly with new pcsx2 versions and tweaking the settings, Gladius still remains slow at about 30fps in battle scenes & cutscenes, and with the characters sounding slow and lazy with timestretching Laugh. Besides slowness it's been running in a stable manner and looks great. Floating textures are gone too.

So, if someone's been able to squeeze good performance out of this one, I'd be interested to know the settings you're running with.

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Ok, looks like I am my own savior. After testing some more settings over a few hours I found settings which are very playable. So, my platform is:

Windows Vista 32 bit
Core 2 Duo E8400 @3.00GHz
2 Gb RAM
ATI Radeon HD 3800
PCSX2 Playground 1.0.0395 VM
Gladius PAL version

ZeroGS fared slightly worse in comparison, with stutters on movies and an average of 5 FPS less so my settings of choice are:

GSDX 872m 0.1.12 SSE 41
*Native resolution
*Texture Filtering ON (gain extra 1-2 FPS when off, but looks better when on)

SPU2ghz Playground
*Nearest interpolation
*Time Scaling ON
*Other ticks OFF

*Everything on the left ON

Speed Hacks
*Disable Extra VU Flags ON
*Disable Extra FPU Flags ON (These flags gain 3-5 FPS with no visible glitches gained)
*(x2) Sync Hacks ON
*Overflow/Underflow hacks OFF (Turning these on caused glitches with light & impact effects)

*Roundmodes Chop/Zero
*Flush to Zero ON
*Denormals are Zero ON

With the above settings I ran the game at 45-50 FPS. Sound time stretching was only barely noticeable at times and so far I encountered no crashes. On both GS plugins the spinning sword on the loading screen was (always has been) missing. I suspect that might be caused by floating point rounding and the blade might be hidden behind the black screen, lol. GSDX did have one slight graphical flaw. In the main menu some horizontal and vertical lines were visible, like texture border lines. I'll play some more and update if necessary.

P.S. The swing meter was a bit hard since the key response didn't seem as sharp as the controller response on the PS2. Laugh

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