[Glitch / Bug] Kings Field "4" The Ancient City
Video Here

Hey, First time posting but thought it might be something to post about. Also, this happens without Speedhacks (Enabled some just to test, but since theres no need for speedhacks I keep them disabled at all time.)

Another thing I've noticed is that this game does NOT like savestates, It's almost 100% chance that if you use them the game will no longer display Particle effects such as fire or spells. This is until you restart the game w/o using States.

But as part of the issue there are two areas in the game but this one is by far the most annoying one as it makes you miss quite a bit of the game. What happens is that the game simply stops loading the next area- I forgot to include it in the video but I tested Wireframe mode just to see if it rendered at all and no- It's just a void Wink

The second area (Not in video) you walk down some stairs and turn back and your inside a void.

NOTE: At first I thought my save was broken so I transferred it to my PS2 card and had a go- The areas loaded perfectly though!

Anyway, Here is the video- Hope someone can help out with any ideas!

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Try changing the advanced options a bit. Especially try full vu clamping.
Reminds me, Maybe I should have posted my Setup (as is).

GSdx9 15.00 SSSE3
* Full-Screen 1920x1080
* Direct3D HW
* Pixel Shader 3 (Not point in Using 2 as the requirement is so low anyway.)
* BlendBFF
* 19:9
* Internal Resolution 1920x1080
* OPTIONS: Texture Filtering, Log Z, Alpha Correction

SPU2-X 1.1.0
* Standard Settings Except for Cubic

Gigahertz┬Ęs CDVD Plugin 0.7.0

* All Checked, Limited Mode

* None Checked, Default Cycle Rate

@rama: I have no idea what im doing with the Settings but tested about all combinations now and no change at all sadly..
This bug still exists in the new version 0.98 r4600 as well.
In OP is a video wich explains all.

Tried in default settings and in following:
EE/IOP: chop/zero , full
VU: nearest , extra +
gs: default
speedhacks: none
gamefixes: off

maybe one of the coding maniacs can take a look into this ?
Hope I don't get nailed for bring this old thread back up, but I am having a major issue with the text in this game being horribly misaligned, its like, out of phase with each other, and the game seems increadbly blurry as well.

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