GoW 2 Progressive Scan + Secret HD Mode
Here is waht I know and also what I want to know: =]

Some ppls dont know this but there is a secret HD mode that can be used with Progressive Scan ( can be set in options). Holding L1 + L2 + L3 + Square + Circle after starting emulation (but before the "Sony Computer Entertainment Presents" screen) will activate this mode (you will know it worked cause the "Sony Computer Entertainment Presents" will be purple).
The point is that this makes the game a lot buggy:


If anyone knows a way to fix this please share with us =]

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The internal res is still 639x448. Is that any higher than default play (don't know I don't have the game)? Even if it is, it can't be much higher and definitely isn't "hd".

Also take note, playing a game with a higher internal res set in GSDx will render the game in HD anyways.

(edit) Did a little bit of research on the subject and yes, it's just a moderate SD res increase that causes slowdowns and minor glitches on REAL hardware. Why you would want to do this when the GSDx plugin can run at a true HD res, I'm not sure.

That said, the Devs may eventually get it working just because they are trying to perfect (or as close as they can get it) PS2 emulation anyways... but I don't think they'll assign any sort of priority to it.
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Ya I tried it, but GSDX internal res is better.
and one more thing this code is only works for the NTSC version of God of War 2, it wont work if you are using the PAL version of the game i hope tht helps
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