GoW freeze at lightning power
I tried reading forum for few days, but haven't found the solution, so please help me guys.
I playing GoW and at this place:
[Image: 85926336.jpg]
[Image: 33711319.jpg]
[Image: 21794889.jpg]

After cut-scene my game freeze (I get white screen and 60fps). What should I do oh mighty forum?

PS. whats with cut down lower part of the cut-scenes?

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This has been answered one billion times. You can either skip the video with the way all the threads describe or use a 0.9.7 alpha build from the net (or compiled from yourself) where this bug is fixed.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
agrrrrrrrrrrrhhhh!!!!Angry god of war 1 and 2 ...........i also have the cutscene skip problem with both of god of war parts ....all peaple who play gow 1 and 2 in pcsx2 got stuck in diffrent cutscenes ........
thanx bositman..........i passed the cutscene ...........
There for those who can't search or are too lazy to:
or one of the dozens methods proposed in this thread: http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-God-of-Wa...e?page=100 (no i won't find the exact posts for you)
[Image: newsig.jpg]
I'm sorry if I have violated forum rules :/. I gonna try not to make same mistake again Blush

And thanks for quick response Rolleyes

EDIT: And what about that chopped off lower part of cut-scene. Its nothing special, I'm just curious.
I created patch using this guide:

it skipped cut-scene for me, but now I got black screen problem (I can get into menus though). I'm gonna go through forums and reply how it went.

EDIT: I downloaded Pcsx2-r2801 and everything works now, just a bit slower than on r1888.

PS: cut-scenes are still chopped off on lower part. Is this usual thing?

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