God Hand graphically intensive?
This is kind of weird. I've been going around retesting a bunch of my games after upgrading to a 6850 and so far God Hand is the only one that can't run with my preferred settings 3x res + 4x aa... I can't see how this game would be more taxing than the other stuff that runs at 60fps and beyond with same settings (MGS2, FF12, SOTC, to name a few)

On God Hand I get 10fps with 100% GPU load unless I switch to 2x res, in which case it's smooth as butter. Any graphics geeks here that can explain this? I'd also love to know which other games are deceptively taxing on the GPU Laugh

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I think it just the graphics engine

in hd it just me I am not trying aa
is already very beautiful in hd
i5 750 4.3 ghz
noctua nh-d14
toxic 5850 x 2
asus sabertooth
2x2 gb ddr3 g-skill pc 12800
corsair 650 tx
seagate 1 tb raid 0

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