God Of War 2 Green Screen

I got Green Screen in God Of War 2 :

[Image: 2ajv149.png]

What is the solution ?

My PC :

GTX 275

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550

4GB Ram

Windows 7

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Green fog issue... update to the latest PCSX2 beta (revision 1888) and the latest GSDx that's in that package and it should fix it. If it doesn't, that mean your GoW isn't listed in the exception list... but I figured by now all of them had been added.
[Image: 2748844.png]
Thank You But i still have the same problem on PCSX2 beta (revision 1888)


Can you tell me the best config for the game
Set GSdx to hardware mode and run the game via File->Run CD/DVD. If it's still there you probably have a pirated version of the game so GSdx can't detect its' CRC.
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I still have the porblem Sad

the game is rip
Then that means that the CRC for your game isn't recognized... That is, either you have an unknown english version of the game (possible, but unlikely) or you have a pirated, hacked, or somehow modified version.
[Image: 2748844.png]
I got the same green screen but I have actual disc in drive. Also I can't even get game to start on the rev 1888 beta. Won't play in drive or from the iso i made with daemon tools. Any further suggestions?
Green screen is caused by having an unknown or modified version of the game. It's CRC (basically, a checksum used to verify the validity of a file) needs to be added to the GSDx exceptions list so as to remove said fog from the game.
[Image: 2748844.png]
another side note..
u can manually adjust ur setting in the ini folder..
i did a lil bit of searching and find this

Quote:for the fog problem,you have to edit gsdx.ini located in your ini folder inside pcsx2 folder,and one of the last lines wich says: gamefix_skipdraw=0,simply change that 0 to 4,and thats all

see if that helps..
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@ RenShijo-Kun

That will help for the fog,but not for the green screen at all.lets not mix up the fog,with the green screen,they are two different things,the fog can be solved as you said,but the green screen can be solved doing a proper bug report and saying your crc code,and hope someone kindly add it to the gsdx plugin.
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