God Of War 2 Problem
Hi ! I have some problems with God Of War 2.

My PC Specs:
Proccesor: AMD Athlon64 3000 (2.7GHz Overclocked)
VideoCard: ASUS Ati EAH2600(512Mb PixelShader4 Overclocked)
Ram: 2GB

I am using the latest build and the latest plugins and all the speed hacks are enabled.

Now, here are my problems :

1. In most of the game is running with 45FPS . There are some zones where its running with 52FPS but there are some zones where its running with 30FPS.

How could I posibly get it higher ?

2. When I turn up the sound , I hear some kind of strange sound . But that is just ingame. In cutscenes it's clean.

How could I fix it ?

Thank You

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