God Of War 2 Serious Crash
Hi Guys I Am New Here....

My God Of War 2 Crashes In The Titans Lair Just After That Man Says "Free Me From This....." (At The Same Spot It Crashes Again And Again),Whenever He Says This Line Game Freezes !!!!!!!!!

I Tried EveryThing Changing Graphics, SpeedHacks,Etc


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skIP mpeg will solve this ... =/ but it doesnt help at the final stage during the fight with zeus cuz im stuck there curently

the screenies of bugged zeus fight
[Image: gsdx20100410140440.th.png]

[Image: gsdx20100410140447.th.png]
Pls Tell Me How To Use That Skip Mpeg
use the skip mpeg patch. Use the search function for it. (dozens of threads about it)
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Using 0.9.7 alpha emu helped me with cut-scenes, I can watch them, and game doesn't freeze (I'm playing GoW (1st one) and using Pcsx2-r2801). I believe it would solve your problem too.
If you can't find compiled emu of this version, just PM me. Good luck mate!
Im also new here, just got myself a playstation 3 just for GoW3, thought I would fill myself in on the storyline 1st.

My playstation 2 was dragged out the cupboard and GoW1&2 was bought on the cheap from fleabay, low and behold the laser on my ps2 was gone.

I had heard of PCSX2 so I thought I would give it a try, My results on my PC proved very favourable (3.5Ghz Q6600, 4870 flashed with toxic BIOS, 8 gig of DDR3 OCZ Low voltage gold edition@1300Mhz)

I came across this same problem, my solution ruined part of the game but only the odd bit.

Stock clock everything

Dont use any speed hacks

It runs very very slow but it will let you get past bits to the next save point.

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