God Of War 2 Sun Passing Through Objects Fixed
Go to options, and enable Progressive Scan.
While the option has a small performance impact it fixed
the issue.
If you enable AutoFlush in HW Hacks, it does fix the problemĀ 
but the performance gets terrible when collecting orbs.

Hope it helps others with the same problem.

Edit: I don't wanna make a new post about this so, here it goes.
GoW 1 is very blurry while playing in native resolution, so the same option can fix that making it sharper.

This fix works on OpenGL and D3D11 plugins Hardware mode, Software mode doesn't need this fix.

*The bug is still persistent, but very faint when you fight the Rock Minotaur while in Atlas.
It disappears when you enter the next room.

**The bug is very bright in the underwater section after acquiring the key of ram. Fortunately only at one angle.

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