God Of War 2 speedup with AR Max codes
Hi folks.
Since GOW II looks pretty playable since the lates versions of PCSX2, i thought to give it a try on my MacBook. It runs at about 75% speed with some massive slowdowns in some areas. Thats enough for me to play it. I played it through on my PS2, so I looked for AR MAX cheats to make it a bit easier for me. I found some codes that speed up the game (2x and 3x), and they realy do. After applying these patches as RAW, the game ran extremely fast, so I limited the framerate to about 30 fps. Now I only have 20-40% CPU load but full speed gaming (expect on some areas like the snow areas) on a 2.1ghz processor. I must say that this patch corrupts the game in some way (for example: jumps are in some way lower than before).

Did someone of you tried this before? Is there any way to improve this?

Thank you in advance.

PS: excuse the typos, I'm from Germany.

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