God Of War configs? 0.9.7
Hey Guys, i have read sometimes this board about God of War 1 / 2 . So i was happy if i have Read that God of War should Working now with Pcsx2 . My problem is the Options. The Game is Running fine for me but after the first sequence the frames goes to <10

I got a Nvidia GTX 260 M , Overclocked.
and a Intel Core Duo 2 P8700 with 2,7 GhZ *2

i tryed some configs but nothing works realy. what for Configs you are using?

I hope you can help me (:

Would be nice!

Thx . And sorry for my baaad eng.

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About the vu-cycle stealing setting,just try to dont set it to maximum play with it between 1 and 2.
And for the gsdx config just tick native resolution and try to use directx 10 if possible

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Whats your Soundsettings? Because my sound is very baaad.

"stocking" Sound is the most time.

Edit: Speed is Great now, just sometimes < 30 ( 10 FPS ) But not often more (:

Only the Soundproblems are still here =(
It is almost always a slight rustle
Some one Else any Idea with Sound?
God of War hates microVU, that is the cause of your speed drop. Either 1) Use the mVU flag hack in speed hacks or 2) Set SuperVU on both VU0 and VU1rec
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oh my,i forgot to post that config screen Tongue,yeah bositman is right,you have to use the legacy one,beacuse for some reason the console starts spamming menssages when you for example press the square button and try to do a combo then the sound start to get choppy
Ok, its better now from the Sound^^ thx for help. Just some Timestrech what sounds baad^^ but i think this is acceptable.

So thx (:

PS: Same for GoW2?
yes try the same config Wink
I don't know why but it seems almost all games strangely play better with the super vu than with the micro vu. I don't know the technicalities but that is what I observed so far.
SuperVU is faster, as it cuts a lot more corners.
That's the reason it produces a lot of errors as well though.
Expect it to be from 1% to 10% faster, depending on the game.
Also expect it to be from 0% to 100% more broken and crashing though Wink

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