God Of War problem
hi, so ive been playin gow on pcsx2 for a while now,
ive done some skipMpegs, but im still stuck on the Desert of Lost Souls
i skipped the first mpeg, continue fight the sirens and when i finish them off, a black screen apears.. but the game continue running the music is still on.
ive trying reading a 100' pages topic but couldnt find a solution, any1 woud like to share a solution with me?
thnx in advance lir.

im using
i5 2.67Ghz
4gb ram
redeon HD5850

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oke, ive solved it.
after a lil research i got the reason for the black screens after movies, and now im able to counter and avoid it.
thread can be closed thnx anyway.

btw pcsx2 rox!

cheers lir.

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