God of War
Should I be able to run this game at 58 to 60 fps constant with the following setup?

NVidia GeForce 570 GTS
AMD Phenom x6 1090T 4 ghz
8 gb ram

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Because a "570 GTS" isn't real. ;p

All kidding aside; I would think so.
Haha. Sorry for the mistype. -GTS then. xD

Anyways. I just played it a few minutes ago at 3x native. Frames were ranging from 50-60 fps. It really shouldn't I would think.. I think my setup can more than handle it.

All recommended speed hacks are on including MTVU.

I have Vsync on as well. I notice that can hit performance badly in some games. Should I disable it for GoW?

DirectX 11 Hardware Mode. Any suggestions to changes, Rezard?
Yeah-- Maybe Vsync is your problem entirely.

I have a friend who plays that on his 4Ghz Phenom II X4.
I thought he said it ran just fine...

Tried changing the EE Cyclerate at all...?
You could always try a lower resolution to see if that's a bit too much.
I really wouldn't think 3x would be too much for a GTX 570, though...
So strange... it is even below 48 fps at some points in the game. And, hardly ever at 58 or 60 fps...
V-Sync is the issue. Let Windows Aero do V-Sync, no performance loss there.

"60.84 FPS - SLUS 20672 - AMD Phenom II X6 1090T - 4.2 GHz OC"

Just at the limit. My 470 can do 3x /w 4xAA on the most GPU intensive games, though it is OC'ed 30%, you should still be fine.


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