God of War
Hi, I'm trying to play God of War and I have this problem...I don't have any sound when the cutscenes play. The sound is there, but disappears for the cutscenes. What the hell is going on?

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well, get the latest betas of pcsx2 and plugins, try other sound plugins and configs for them, play the game with the disc in your drive or rerip the iso are my guesses until you decide to tell us something about your specs, plugins, config, etc Wink
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hmm, i got it. i assume atleast
r1059 or above.For sound plug in always use SPU2x 1.1.0. never tries
zero spu and in sound configuration try just as the screenshot says.        
Is sound in the cutscenes working when you play the game on your PS2? Sounds like an ISO/disc problem.
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