God of War 1
ok i know this question will sound a little stupid but i rly needed to ask i'm new to this forums and i've become interested in emulation recently and the first game i want to play was god of war 1 but i've seen that many problems that occur with it and the one that bothered me the most is that game videos freeze but i found that u can fix that with the patch but it also was said that u can't skip the videos somewhere in the middle of the game so i wanted to know if some1 has finished gow 1 on the pc?
my pc specs are:
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 2.93 Ghz
GPU: Nvidia GeForce 9800GT 1gb
4gb ram
(sorry if this was already answered on the forum i did some exploring but i didn't seem to found it)

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I have beaten GoW minus the final battle (for some reason it wouldn't load *shrugs*) just use Toxic DL patcher if it freezes at pandora's bridge (hint hint, THAT'S where the freeze is)
Hey. I've beat Ares and am at the fight with Kratos clones..I've never had issues with it.
Just run it at Native res with widescreen and P.scan enabled and also all speed hacks enabled minus VU cycle stealing.
Click image for Prev. rigs Cool
[Image: MYNEWPCGII.png]
it's after that fight for me things get hairy, but the main freeze is pandora
That means I am past it right?
Click image for Prev. rigs Cool
[Image: MYNEWPCGII.png]
yes, unless it freezes after that fight like it does for me.
as i said i'm new at emulator so i don't know what's p.scan and toxic dl also the version i'm planing to get is 3.28 gb
can u tell me how to get this things
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