God of War 1+2 Pixelated Sun + Through walls Issue
I noticed that no one addressed the issue of the pixelated glare of the sun in God of War 1+2 
especially in 2, you will see it for a decent amount of time and it being pixelated kinda ruins that aesthetic (specially GOW1 Olympus)

For solution: right click on the Game from Game list>Properties>Rendering>Manual Hardware Renderer Fixes
>Hardware Fixes>CPU Sprite Render Size> Set it to (64 Max Width) and the other option (Sprites Only)

For GOW1 I had issues when (Progressive Scan) is on, turning it off could be better. (Switch to Software -F9- then back to renderer if you still see issues)

However, this unfortunately brings another issue, especially for GOW2.

Once the solution is applied and the Sun Glare is no more pixelated,
whether (Progressive Scan) is On or Off, you can still see its glare through objects (even with AUTO FLUSH enabled)
Unless you switch to Software (F9) and then back to the previous renderer, the sun will disappear at all even where there is nothing blocking
if you want to see it again, double F9 in the position where you should normally see it. (Quite a headache, right?)

if anyone knows a solution I would be grateful

(PCSX2 Nightly - v1.7.4710)

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