God of War 1 and 2 Pal Version Save Problems
Iam Using Version 0.9.8 r4600 with europe plugins and no speed hacks enabled. The games working fine but in God of War 1 I Always have been abled to save but in Pandora's Bridge Level After I Finished to save The program stucked and now when I am trying to load The save The Game stucks and I Can't Load.

In God of War 2 Sometimes I Can't Save but when I Saved I Couldn't Load The Game Because The Game Shows a Loading Screen Forever
And I Tried to Load 20 Minutes.
What to Do?

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My guess is that if you got stuck saving and trying to load that file, that file just because corrupted. There's not much you could do to fix it, so if it is corrupted, you'll have to delete it.

Have you tried to save on a different memory card?
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For God of War 1, use the original DVD9 disc instead of using a pirate copy. Only the DVD5 rip stucks at Pandora temple bridge.

For God of War 2, many ppl have the same problem. I hear they use savestates instead of game save to play the game. I have never played God of War 2 on PCSX2 so I do not know. Try it yourself.
I Have The Original God of War 1 PAL Disc And I Used It. I Don't know if it is DVD5 or 9. The Disk Side is 3.62GB
In God of War 2 The Save State Worked, But Did Problem That Caused That I Can't Progress In One Level Because The Game isn't Stopping Loading.
SCEA released God of War 1 on DVD9. My NTSC version is 7.93 GB. The PAL version used to be a little smaller. No original God of War 1 is release on DVD5.

Edit: For you to understand it, DVD5 is the type of DVD with maximum size of 4.37 GiB, and DVD9's max size is 7.95 GiB.
I Don't no if My Version is DVD9. I Bought The Original God of War Pal Version Disc and It's 3.62GB. I Don't No If There are Other Languages
But At Least of My Check The Language is English.
I suppose I need to explain it to you again. God of War and God of War II were developed by SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment of America) and both of them were release on DVD9 because of their size. God of War NTSC is 7.93 GiB, God of War II NTSC is 7.94 GiB. They do not fit the ordinary DVD5 with 4.37 GiB. I've done a quick search and found that GoW2 PAL is 7.80 GiB, a little smaller than the NTSC counterpart. GoW1 shall be the same.

Because DVD9 is not as popular as the DVD5 today, many hackers "rip" the original DVD9 version, cut off bonus features and reduce FMVs quality to make the game smaller in size, to fit the DVD5, for faster downloading, easier burning, etc... But unfortunately, most of those hackers did not rip the game propertly, leading it to stuck at Pandora Temple bridge (IIRC, it is when the PS2 read the second layer of the DVD9). Forgive me my curiosity, but I was wondering how much your disc costs?
If you have the original DVD9 disc then try making a new ISO from your game with ImgBurn, if it's still just 3.62GB or well anything smaller than 7GB then sorry but you were ripped off and you seem to be getting problems because of it.
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I only test the game for a while, but using the dolio plugin (only one that works with dvd9 games) in 0.9.8. when i reach the first save point the game can't save if i have time i try to test in the betas or withput the speedhacks to see the resaults.
Both of The Games are Less Than 7GB
I Didn't Do Anyting with The Disks. I Bought Them And Insetred Them To The Drive Without Changing Anything. God of War Was 3.62 GB (I Tried 2 Discs Mine and a Disc of a Friend) And God of War 2 Was 3.96.
Both of The Disks are Original Disks.
Note: The Disks are Platinum if This is Important.

Edit: The Games Worked Fine And Without Problem on A Friend's Playstation 2 That Finished The Games And Saved The Game on EVERY Save Point Without Problems
In Both Games, Nothing Was Ripped And There Are ALL the Videos And Bonus Features.

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