God of War 2
has anyone tried that game on the lastest Pcsx2? i dont know if my iso file is corrupted or the emulator problem. the intro looks fine. but when it got into the game. the screen is green. i see the character but the background is just green. i played many games on this emulator and they are all fine. just a few of them have problems. the newest naruto get random freeze. for those who played god of war 2 on pcsx2, how was your game?

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run in software mode to remove that problem. search more often before posting..
sorry. i am new here.

thanks, the video looks great. but in software mode. it is just sooooo slowBiggrin
i don't understand why people suggest software mode!u need a very very powerfull pc to get gow2 in soft mode.anybody played it in hardware mode?how?plz inform

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