God of War 2
hey guys,

ähm im a newbie here and i tested gow2 and it starts everything but everything around kratos (the crazy guy you play there Happy) is green. so i can see the enemies and kill them but the background and so is in a strange green. and the game is damn slow with something like 10-20fps i tryed changing all the settings in pcsx2 version 0.9.6 but nothing helped or it got more worse. now i took a look in the list of the games and there it says playable and version 0.9.7

so my questions are: is there a way to get the game with normal colors?
can i get it faster anyhow?
should i try it with 0.9.7. beta?
or iam just too stupid?^^

my system: athlon 64 x2 3800+ @2,42 ghz
2gb ddr2 800mhz cl4
zotac 9800gt AMP! 512mb ram
Win 7 x86 pro

hope you can help me cause i love this game, best game ever for ps2!

aahhh dont wonder about my english, im a stupid german Biggrin

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1: get the new beta.
2: what version of GoW do you have?
3: if it is still green in the new plugins and beta then post your CRC here.
huhu, so i testet it with the new beta but its the same. hmm yeah GoW2 in english, dont really know if its pal or nfts or what ever. where i could find out? ähm my bios is version scph 3000 v6. i dont know what ya mean with CRC sry im a noob^^

greetz thö
It'll say PAL or NTSC on the box

Or SECAM if your a socialist Tongue
öhm yeah on the box...no comment Tongue
(10-31-2010, 03:39 PM)thoeserdeluxe Wrote: öhm yeah on the box...no comment Tongue

Hmmmm Glare
so could we come back to my problem pls? ^^
ATM: Athlon 64 X2 3800+ @2,42ghz - 2gb 800 cl4 RAM - Zotac 9800GT AMP!
Next Week: Phenom II X4 965 BE 3,4ghz - 4gb 1333 cl7 RAM - Zotac 9800GT AMP! Happy
When you stop raiding developer's ships you scurvy pirate! Tongue
If your game is playable in german, then I think it will probably be the PAL version.
My own experience as inhabitant of Germany. ^^
That is if he "purchased" it from a German shop Rolleyes

Although you may think it rich for me to say so given I come from a country where it is still legal that if there is a Scotsman wearing a kilt on a beach on a Sunday then you are allowed to shoot him but ONLY with a bow and arrows. Laugh

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