God of War 2 60+fps and play with no Lags!
Hi! I have found Pcsx2 Maetel GoW 2.6 while searching on google. This emulator is not official!
This version of Pcsx2 0.9.6 is modded only for God of War 2 game! (I haven't tried with other games yet)
It gives full speed by 60+fps and has the "No Lag Plugin" for GoW2! So you can play God of War 2 without any green background or low speed or some stupid lags! Here are some screenshots done by me :

[Image: screenshotstudiocapturekz.png]

[Image: screenshotstudiocapturekt.png]

[Image: screenshotstudiocapturep.png]

[Image: screenshotstudiocaptureb.png]

Here is the link to download God of War 2 (.iso) 100% working (Tested by me) (Torrent link) :

Here is the link to download Pcsx2 Maetel GoW 2.6 (Full configured by me) + (Full Cleared 100% in all difficulties Cool ) :

If you have any kind of trouble watch my video done for this :

Here is my gameplay recorded with camera :

PS: I'm sorry about my English, I'm Albanian and i don't use Google Translate.

PS2: This aplication it's not mine and i didn't create it! So please don't report!

You can discuss everything about this game and emulator here Laugh
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Wait a sec.Ilegal downloading of ISO game is illegal remove the link.

I know your english isn't that good, but it hould be ok enough to read the forum rules...
And you just broke 2 of them.

closed and warned twice
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