God of War 2 Better settings?
Hey guys...
I'm trying to play GOW2 on my emulator, and the cutscenes etc work great at 90-100% of fps, but when the actual gameplay starts, it starts to play at about 50-60% of fps...
my specs:
Quad Core Q9650 3GHZ
nVidia 9600GT 512MB GFX Card

does anyone get this game to play at full speed? and what plugins and settings do you use?

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Tried using the speedhacks? Those usually do the trick...
There`s a whole menu full of them. And they`re made especially for those games that require a little more PS2CPU than the PC can emulate.

If your Framerate really drops that much, I`d reccomend at least turning EE cycle x2 and turning all misc EE settings on in the speedhacks menu. Or if you have the r1888 beta, try turning on status flag hack and moderate VU cycle steal as well.
aaaaaand now it works as smooth as ever!
thanks a ton!

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