God of War 2 Codebreaker Cheat not wroking
Ok first of all hi, how are you, how was your day?

I have the Codebreaker v10 iso and a mem card that has GOWII cheats on it. (USA NTSC version BTW)
There is a cheat that says it can alter the costume but only works on a new game.
So far so good. I enable the master code, enable the costume cheat, start a new game (even tried a bonus one but it's useless), boom no costume.
While other cheats as infinite magic or health work, costume doesn't work. I've tried saving in game, reloading from checkpoint but it's useless.
Now you will say you can have the costumes unlocked right? Yeah, the costume is Kratos beaten up just after he looses the Blade.
Not just that costume even if i try an actual costume like God Armor it doesn't stay on after Colossus' Defeat.

Code : 0071c3ac 00000002

Any way to make it work?

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