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God of War 2 Controller Problem.
Alright so I'm clearly gonna need a bit of help here. This is the problem:
No matter how fast I shake the analog stick left and right, it doesn't detect the movement of it in the situation it is needed in whenever it shows the analog icon, yet I have to shake it slow enough so it can detect it, but in most situations it will be too slow and I'll either lose heath or die. I use a Logitech F310.
Any idea about the problem?

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No idea. I recommend you to use a PS2 controller.
(05-31-2013, 12:22 AM)xemnas99 Wrote: No idea. I recommend you to use a PS2 controller.

Getting a PS2 controller probably won't be the solution.
I decided to bind left and right to my arrow keys, and they are also delayed. It might be just the emulator or lillypad.

Edit: Actually it turns out that my sensitivity wasn't apparently high enough.
Anyways, thanks for trying to help.

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