God of War 2 Graphical Issues
Two issues:
1) Inconsistent shadows where sometimes I start the game and they are there but usually they are not.
2) Uploading pics for this issue, but the best way I can describe it is no presence of lighting hue that can be seen when switching to software mode.

Please let me know of a fix for any of these issues.

Windows 7 Ultimate x64
i7-860 @ 3.53
8GB DDR3 1866

PCSX 1.5.0 1682
Aggressive Preset
System => Enable Widescreen Patch
GS Window => Aspect Ratio: Widescreen (16:9)
Speedhacks => MTVU on
Gsdx Settings => OpenGL
                         5x Native
                         CRC Hack Level: Full (Safest)
                         Enable HW Hacks: Align Sprites and Half Pixel Offset
                         Blending Unit Accuracy: High

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Set CRC Hack Level to "Partial", disable "Enable HW hacks" to check they don't cause the issue, and if that doesn't help try the highest(Ultra) Blending Unit Accuracy setting just in case.
Thanks for the help. I see now that starting with a higher setting does not always provide the best quality, when lowering CRC Hack Level from Full to Partial everything is working properly besides some vertical lines going through the shadows.
It seems changing the CRC Hack to partial fixed the problems but causes vertical lines underwater. Ive been messing with various combinations of HW Hacks to fix it but to no success, although I managed to figure out a fix for the lines through the shadows. Seems there is no way to get perfect emulation of the graphics in this game. Any change that fixes one problem causes another problem.

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