God of War 2 Help
Hi everyone I'm new in here. I recently discover the pcsx2 and I think it's great I've been reading the forum to help config the emulator but I have a problem running God of War 2. the speed is great the only problem is that the image is like it has a reflection and appears everything in double. I don't know how to explain so I took some screen shoots. I hope someone can help me.

Thanks for everything

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Not a Bug Report.

Try the Alpha Hack, or Offset Hack, in the hidden GSdx hacks.
As above, plus this has been discussed a million times, a quick search would give you the answer:
Use the offset hack.
Before you ask where that is or how you can enable it, read the GSdx section of the configuration guide.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
or click here. Cool
sorry I'll search better next time, thanks for the quick anwser I'll try it. thanks for everything.

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