God of War 2 Movie Freeze Issue
So, there is this one movie in my GoW2 game (NTSC) (its where you find this guy chained up and having his guts being eaten out by a bird) that when it reaches what I think is the very end (not sure cuz its never actually ended) it freezes, permanently. (yeah i know there've been a billion threads on this but none of their solutions seem to work for me or I simply have no idea what their talking about) (im kinda hopeless at this stuff) I have PCSX2 0.9.6

Ive heard all about this skip MPEG patch thing, but absolutely no idea what it means and how to use it. Ive read about going into Misc>Enable Patches, then Misc>Patch Browser and when I click on "Skip MPEG" it tells me that patch is not found.

I have no idea how to use these patches so, if anybody can help me out with a step-by-step on how to do this...

Somebody save me, please.

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posted yesterday, any replies yet?
Have you tried searching in the forums? There's plenty threads for this game also there's a thread dedicated for this games so maybe you'll get better luck there.

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