God of War 2 PAL hang up at Steads of Fate
Hi guys, hoping for some help here.

GOW2 PAL version: I get to the Steads of Fate, whip the horsies, and the game stops with Kratos standing on the pillar looking befuddled. I'm pretty sure it is supposed to play a MPEG and then Kratos can get down from the pillar and move on... however, the MPEG never plays and I am stuck.

GSdx 3693 0.1.16

Nvidia 460 GTX
i7 930 2.80GHz

I've done some searching and seen some buzz around a patch put up by prafull but didn't really want to pursue it until I was sure it was the right fix. With so many threads and so many opinions it was sort of confusing Blink

Any ideas or need more info?


P.S. I have tried the fix in the "Emulation Settings - Game Fixes" tab called "Skip MPEG hack". No luck. But for reference I did use this hack effectively on the first GOW (I think... it might have been on Okami or Ico)


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