God of War 2 Problem
I have a problem with GOW2.
It hangs when kratos talks with promotheus.Sad

to be more accurate,here:

[Image: Untitled-2.png]

i dont have any problem with speed because the game run with quite decent fps.i dont have any problem other than crash while finishing the first game.

my spec:
amd X2 6000+ 3.1ghz
2 gb ram

i tried many version of PCSX2 ranging from official to latest beta/revision (2604).
pcsx2 0.9.6
gsdx (latest beta)
zero spu

extra:i convert my DVD to ISO file because i heard it load faster.

thank you.i hope somebody here will help me.Happy

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try latest beta r1888,and then tell us the result
yes i already try.the result is the same.i already post b4 that i already try from 0.9.6 to latest revision.
ok,got it.I have same problem in there.And I fixed it.Let me guess,when the video start and goes forward for a while and suddenly,game stop like a constant screen.Right!
Then,try skip video.(skip mpeg).
To do so;when video start,press escape.Under main menu go to misc>patch browser>skip mpeg>it should say "patch found".clik on "found patch" over white space.>edit patch
then edit it like>>>>pathplace to 1 and enables "yes">save>exit

under main menu>misc>click enable patches sothat it appear on tick mark.
then under main menu>run execute.you are done!.

Now you will see ur video is skipped.Then immediately press escape again.
under main menu>misc>untick enable patches.
again go to>misc>patch browser>clik on patch>edit.
rewind like previous.To do so,edit it sothat pathplace to 0 and enables "no".

Remember:your game will behave like a mad person,if you fail any steps of above.
P.S. under speedhack,do not select "escape hack"

I hope this will work.
nope. its not working.the cutscene does not skip at all.btw what is your pcsx2 version?because i dont find the tick option.

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