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God of War 2 still the same problem >>>
Hi all just saying if it is any solution for removing that anoying green screen without having dx10 ?,if its one please tell me,and if it isnt any soulution just reporting that i thing this should be fixed,i mean the dx10 version dont have this problem isnt it ?Laugh
Thanks for any help Tongue
Off topic: yay i get to 300 posts ^^

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I'd start with a software renderer Tongue

Other than that I think the god of war fix is a CRC based fix so if you compile your plugins it would be just a matter of adding your crc to the files then compile it and it SHOULD work.
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can you please compile it for me?,beacuse i dont know how ^^
Err, isn't there a Forum Topic on how to compile?
Unless this is a totally different thing o.o
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yes it is but i dunno how to compile even following the guide im not up to programming things,so if anybody do so i will apreciate it

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