God of War 2 strange problem
ok now look people, i`m playing GOW2 and as you can see i am in this situation where i must kill this men.And this is where the problem begins.
Look and the picture-when i beat this guy to a current level he must jump in front of me just on top of the gate and he must be standing there and bombarding me with his weapon projectiles.But he just fall behind the gate and i can`t reach em with my bow i know its a bug because i`v seen this boss fight in youtube and in the video this boss is just standing on top of the gate and throwing projectiles. And for the player its easy to shoot him with the bow.
Here is the video.
Please if someone knows how to fix this problem say it here
If i am in violation of some rules please tell me, because i`m new

[Image: 52zayv.jpg]

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Yes you are. I bet you didn't bother reading: http://forums.pcsx2.net/thread-2318.html
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There is a huge thread about GoW games that you should read first: http://forums.pcsx2.net/thread-3404.html
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i already answered you in the main god of war 2 thread check that place first !!!

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