God of War I
Hello there! I'm very new here so I'm sorry if i'm doing something incorrect like posting in a wrong area. Also, i'm sorry for my bad english, i'm brazilian.

I've been trying to play god of war I and I can't seem to reach a reasonable FPS (it keeps between 20-40), even though i've read some posts about system requirements and I think i'm up to it. Check below:

Intel® Core ™ i7-3537u CPU @ 2,00 GHz 2,5 GHz


Windows 8.1
NVIDIA GeForce 740M 2GB dedicated
Dx: 11

Could you guys please help with recommended plugins/configuration?

Also, i'm freezing at a loading after the very first sea snake (after the very first skeletons), and I simply couldn't find a solution for it.

Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks a lot guys.

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God of War needs a strong CPU. Yours just isn't par with them.

Some solutions:
- Change power plan settings to High Performance.
- Enable all recommended speedhacks.
- Keep resolution or use OGL.
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From what I know, God of War is a pretty demanding game and your CPU is a bit on the low side.

Did you put your computer on high performance in the windows configuration settings ?
Did you set a bigger scaling, if so, can you revert to x1. And you could try the VU and EE sliders (don't try too high because it can lead to false readings).

And for the loading issue, maybe it is a bad dump and you could make another iso.
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GOW reacts quite well to EE cycle rate and VU stealing, I'd recommend using then if you want better speed.
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Thanks everybody. Doing the adjustments has fixed the problem. For someone experiencing the same issue, i've just enabled every speed hack and put the graphic to native, in hardware mode. It's not a marvelous image, but it is certainly acceptable. For the loading screen, just making another ISO fixed the problem.

Thank you all for the fast support.  Greetings!

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