God of War I [NTSC-U]/ God of War II [NTSC-U] (Two Disc edition)
Any idea how to get past the Pandora's Temple bridge? The game gets stuck if i use the save point or when i get to the far end of the bridge (even though the FPS count is still moving).

[Image: cQSbX.jpg]

Same happens in GOW II, where i got up to the first save point and it hanged.

This happens with/without speed hacks.

Using GSDx on DX11 hardware / SPU2-X / cDVDGigaherz / Lilypad.
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can you please post the emulog.txt ?
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Either the game is not divided correctly or you are just not doing what you are supposed to do.
On the 2x disk edition,you have to save somewhere(probably here)and then start the second disk and load the save.If you don't do that,when you try to continue to location which don't have any data in the first disk,something like that will happen.
There is no 2 disc edition. The only 2 disc version is the one with a bonus dvd, which does not require you to switch discs in the pandora temple. Buy the game and you won't have this problem.
Closed for piracy.
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