God of War I - can i get it at 60fps?
AMD phenom II 940x 3.0ghz
Saphhire HD 4870 1GB

trying to get GOW1 to work. basically i get green crap everywhere on a level. apart from kratos. i did something to remove it, it worked alright although in the first boss fight FPS when down to 45 with 100% EE. now i cant remember what settings i used to remove the green rubbish etc.

enabled MTVU hack and thats all. 3x native resolution. any fixes/help please if its possible to be played on my rig?

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you might need to tone down the rez

I don't know what your GPU can handle, but I often find that my GPU has issues rendering high rez
my GPU seesm fine tbh.. around 60% on 3x native.
the EE% on the otherhand with VU cycling at 1 is at 100% in the first boss fight with a drop down to 45FPS whenever the boss attacks.
if anyone has experiences in the game, could they tell me if any bigger boss fights would destroy my fps further or not?

i don't mind turning down the res to 2x though or even native. my main problem is i want to keep FPS fluid. any suggestions/hacks etc. please?
let's do this..

hit F4 to disable framelimiter (meaning it will go ABOVE 60fps) and tell me what it peaks at. (stand still watch for about 30 sec, then re-enable limiter with F4 again, twice)
if you have a weak graphic card then watch this:


its my gameplay, an alternative way to have a playable speed.

even though its not 60 FPS at least you can play it with no slowdown.

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