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God of War II Crashes when choosing language .
Hello . I think i pretty much searched everywhere about this issue with no effective result . So my problem is : I am trying to play God of War II (GOW2PAL) . But when i click on the language i want . The screen displays the Sony copyrights and stuff but then the emulator crashes .

Rig :
CPU : AMD Phenom II N830 Triple Core Processor 2.1Ghz
GPU : ATI Radeon HD 5650. 1 GB vRam

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What version of the emulator are you using? Have you tried a recent GIT build?
Windows 10 64 bit OS
Intel Core i7-6700 3.4 GHz
Geforce GTX 1060 3GB
I am using PCSX2 1.4.0 . What is a GIT build ?
Download the latest dev builds
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CPU: Intel Core i5-6600 3.3~3.8GHz | RAM: 16(2x8)GB DDR4 @ 2133MHz |
GPU: MSI Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 4GB OC | OS: Windows 8.1 | RES: 1080p

Okay . I will try this and reply .
Do i have to change the GS Plugin ?
i recommend deleting your plugins folder before extracting the new GIT version to make sure you don't accidentally use an old version of GSDX
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Okay. Here's what it sais : The selected GS Plugin failed to load . Explanation : the plugin reports that your hardware software/drivers are not supported .
When did you last update your amd graphics drivers?
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It's all up to date .Im on a laptop btw

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