God of War II HDR rendering issues
Hello mates!!! It's me again, and now with God of War II. The problem is that on native scaling or on custom resolution it looks like that the "screen" that contains HDR displaced from the.. hm.. "main screen". Ah yeah forgot to say, im playin that version with 60fps limit, not 50. NTSC-U version if im not wrong. Hm kinda strange U - is US version? I'm playin it on Europe v 2.0 BIOS is this ok?
You can see this issue even on the main menu screen clearly.
Here is not-native and native res screenshots:

[Image: 9072e4e113b2c65d7197d1db44f85423.jpg]

[Image: dd06025ba84f36048cde3d7b0d43098c.jpg]

I realy dont want to play on native Huh

My config is
i5 2400 3.1Ghz
Radeon HD 6950 2Gb
Win 7 x64

Using Dx11 gsdx, all speedhacks reccomended + VU scaling on 2

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Offset hack should fix that
add "allowhacks=1" to GSDX.ini in the inis folder then save
and you can enable that hack in GSDX configuration menu
ok will try, thx, i have another question... its not so important but when im concentrate on it it just annoy me.. im talkin about that God of War and God of War II runnin just kinda not stable... with VU hack GoW runs realy nice with 59-60 fps but sometimes some glitches happends like freezes for 0.5sec with sound glithin in that moment.. its not happenin so often. i can see it when just runnin around or in video scenes less often during fights. Maybe there is somethin to fix it or its just the way how it works and emulated?
download latest revision it should fix the blinking kratos ( when using VU speed hack ) and the sound problem
download here : http://buildbot.orphis.net/pcsx2/
I have this last revision and kratos is not blinking now, but im talkin about freezes in the game, (when the fps have a huuuuge drop down even to zero for like 0.5sec that what is meant by "freeze" and cos of this freezing sound is glitchin for that 0.5 sec too) in the game not about blinkin kratos.
Thx, offset hack helps
now one more issue.. this: [Image: 402f3b5c15ad57230523979501865573.jpg]

i dont like this stribes)
well in the arms of heades and under water and when you are freezing time those stripes will show up nothing too bad native will fix them though Wink
but with this PC you can reach x6 native at least Sad
nah i will live then with this stribes. Only issue that bother me its those freezes...
thx for helping in this thread HDR problem solved, will make another thread to ask about freezes

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