God of War II: How can I make it run fast?

I have an NVidia GTS 250 512mb graphics card, an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E8400 3.00 GHz, 4GB RAM, running on Vista 32-bit.

I have PCSX2-R1888. The cutscenes in God of War II are running perfectly, at 99 - 100% speed, but once I get into the game, the fps drops to about 30 or lower!! I've seen this game run flawlessly on computers much less powerful than mine! What should my settings be like?

EDIT: I got it running flawlessly (fps at 59 - 60) with VU Cycle Stealing, but with serious graphic issues. Things are flickering, and in the beginning, the colossus is disappearing and reappearing and then suddenly looks like he's inside the building etc.
Really weird stuff... how can I fix that?

EDIT2: When I get to where I am supposed to free Prometheus, and shoot him down into the fire, the game freezes at the end of the cutscene! any fix?

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