God of War II on laptop
I DO read the thread Will PCSX2 run fast on my computer?, but I suppose I need some answers regarding, yeah... speed. The article above is not really correct for God of War 2 at least.

Here's my spec and configuration:

Desktop: Core i3 530 (2.93 Ghz), integrated Intel HD, SSE4.1 & DirectX 9, native resolution. Result: 25 FPS. Full speed 50 FPS with all speedhack enabled (many graphics glitches with VU Cycle Stealing max, and I cannot tell when it crashes with these hacks).

The DX10 mode does not work well with the Intel HD, as it causes graphics glitches and reduce emulation speed, even with the lastest driver (earlier driver even crashes the emulator when using DX10). Anyway, the integrated GPU is not matter IMO, because I'm using native resolution, and the CPU is max. I can play FFX at max speed with 2x resolution scale with this GPU.

Laptop (my brother's DELL one): Core i5 520M (2.4 Ghz) turbo boost to 2.93 Ghz (1 core, not sure 'bout 2 core), AMD Mobility Radeon HD 550v, SSE4.1 & DirectX 10 at native resolution, run PCSX2 when plug in. Result: 20 FPS, full speed when all hacks enabled.

I'm not surprise at the lower FPS. Laptop's CPU is always weaker than desktop counterpart's even at same brand and clock speed. But we can see that the GPU is not the bottleneck when playing this game at native resolution.

I just want to ask if anyone has any luck with God of War 2 on laptop? I'm going to grab one next month, and still confuse between dual-core i7 and quad-core version (whose clock speed is always lower). Hopefully Sandy Bridge will be available at my region soon. The Turbo Boost 2.0 and HD 3000 seems to be very good for PCSX2. I'm already complete the game on PS2, but still want to play it on laptop.

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I'm no expert but I think if you're getting a new laptop with pcsx2 in mind, a quad core won't help you because pcsx2 can only take advantage of 2 cores. This is probably why you're getting a bottleneck on your brother's laptop.

I'm not sure exactly how they compare, but I think my laptop specs are comparable to your brother's. I have:
Intel Core i5-450M
ATI Radeon HD5850

I haven't played God of War II yet, but I get 50-60 fps on all my other games with speedhacks enabled. At first I was only getting between 20-40 fps, but then I pressed the "ECO" button at the top of the keyboard on my laptop. Maybe your brother's has one of these too?
It's some kind of integrated power saving feature that supposedly only adjusts the screen brightness and power usage for different modes (multimedia, plugged in, battery charging modes etc.) However, when I put the laptop into "ECO gaming mode" I saw a huge fps increase.

Give it a shot if you can.
No, his laptop doesn't have one. I have played many games on laptop and know that laptop's performance when running on battery is low due to the low power consumption. So when I test the game, I plug it in the AC power, but 20 fps is the maximum it can reach. Of course with a core i5 2.4 Ghz and an ATI HD 550v, other games like FFX, KH and MGS run at full speeds. But GoW2 is very CPU intensive.

I just want to know what mobile CPU is suffice for that game to reach full speed w/o any speed hack. I saw some ppl on youtube achive maximum speed in GoW2 with a desktop i7 2.66 Ghz turbo boost to 2.93 (the frame still drops in some scene), but have never seen anyone plays this game on laptop.

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