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God of War. Red line rendering explained.
Well done!!
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Don't be too excited. Because I count on you to do the dx port Tongue2 Normally it would be easy.

But first I need to clean the code, merge all current gsdx change and then rebase my code.
You really have far far too much faith in me, i can barely draw effectless squares in DX Tongue
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A couple of screenshot.

Before => current git with hack
better => depth
much_better => depth + accurate_blend = 2

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Nice improvement. Why the one area with no fog?
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a bug of course Tongue2 I don't know maybe an issue with the texture cache which load a wrong texture.
So I miss a Color => Depth conversion. It fixes various issues.

The fog is better and no more rectangle. However shadows are not yet perfect. As you can see on the SW renderer, there no shadows on the foreground of the ship. Never the less the progress is quite nice Smile

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Looking good dude! Laugh
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I guess this case would also be on the games which are still dependent on Autodepth skip hack ?
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Yes and No. There are severals effect that aren't properly supported.
1/ depth conversion from/to any others formats + texture cache to lookup all this mess.
2/ texture swizzle copy (for example copy the alpha channel of texture1 to the green channel of texture2)

Both effects could be used by the game (gow does use both). Autodepth skip hack as the name imply try to skip rendering related to depth but detection is far from perfect and lots of rendering was still bad (+ the fact that you miss some effects). I discovered the item 2 after trying to implement the item1. (I better understand why GoW has various CRC hacks)

My current branch implements a basic case for the texture swizzle copy (namely the Green to Alpha and the Alpha to Green effect). It really helps to fix GoW but various game uses different kind of copy. So, I need to redo the code and implement a more generic solution, but it would requires some upgrades of current shader first (so I postpone it to a 2nd round). Once done, it will likely fix most of (if not all) the verticals strips.

If I manage to implement a working solution for both item, I think lots of game will be greatly improved on the HW renderer (at the cost of the speed).

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