God of War Stick Rotation Hell
Hi, mates... again!! I'm with another God of War problem. Now I'm on boss in pandora's temple, that big dog-like armored boss, that must be beaten until gets steam running from all of the holes on his armor... and then starts That quick time event... whole event is about rotation of left analog stick... aaagh but i'm on keyboard!!! I can do 180 degree rotation but 360 just near impossible to be done on keyboard. Truly i like to play on keyboard and i like how it's feels, i have no gamepad at this moment (and dont wanna buy it). And now i'm wonder, can someone help me, how can i do this stick rotation, maybe there is some way to bind stick to mouse (can't do this thru lilypad) ?? Or any other suggestions?

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Hooray i found "TwinPad" now will try it with binding mouse to stick.
Thats worked it was truly uncomfortable with mouse and i even cant do 180 degree with it that why iv done 180 with keyboard and 360 with mouse.. I finished that boss and that game too, and the game was truly awesomeness.
For "moving around" stick I use script in glovePIE;]
for L-analog set as I/J/K/L keys
if pressed(key.LeftShift) then toggle(var.moo)
if released(key.LeftShift) then toggle(var.moo)
if var.moo = 1 {
wait 0.01 seconds
wait 0.01 seconds
wait 0.01 seconds
wait 0.01 seconds
wait 0.01 seconds
wait 0.01 seconds
wait 0.01 seconds
wait 0.01 seconds
When I have shift pressed it goes around pressing and releasing the keyboard keys really fast(timings as well as key combinations are easy to change;]). Althrough not sure how exactly you need to do it in GoW, just showing it can be easier/more automated than using mouse.
this is mac forum... while there might be something like glovepie for mac, i haven't found it.

I dunno why this would be too hard to do on keyboard though. I think back to playing FF3/6 on a keyboard and doing sabin's blitz's which involved all manors of 360's, rotations etc. Like most fighting games. If i can do a full 360 on the numpad keys without worry, i dunno why you dont just bone up on your keyboard techniques.

Although personally using a ps3/xbox controller with the latest plugin Openpad 1.1.0 that was just released on the main page is the most authentic and best feeling, and games like GOW are much more fun on titan difficulty where you're gonna need that total responsiveness.
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Aw shucks, sorry >.< always checking for "today's posts" and didn't notice it's MAC :[ well I guess it's not impossible to move "around" with keyboard, I use the script myself only couse I need to move around "fast" and that's VERY hard even for a keyboard guy like meh. Anyway sorry for my mistake. *hides*
ahaha sry this thread wasnt for mac i just put it wrong way...
Anyway its hard cos u have only one chance to make one 360 absolutly perfect... its pretty hard with keyboard... but its pretty easy with mouse... only u need is take cursor closer to the edge of the screen, that way stick rotation with mouse will work perfectly =)
i am recently joined this forum.. can anyone help me in god of war 2 steeds of horse, whipping vailiant horses... im unable to follow left analog stick arrow directions.. im using pcsx2 emulator v1.1.0.5766 with liliypad5403... im using keyboard for playing god of war2 game.. can u please show a snapshot how to bind keys to lilypad.. im very much struggling during mini-game left analog stick directions.. can anyone please tell in detail.. any help much be appreciated..
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