God of War: Visual bugs
I'm trying to play God of War in PCSX2 and it is going quite well, only at the point where I am now, the graphical bugs stop me from playing any further...

I tried both GSdx 1322 and ZZogl 162 (latest revisions I could find). I also tried with the latest stable and the latest svn revision of PCSX2 without any luck.

These are the graphical bugs I'm getting:

With GSdx I just get a wall of fog infront of me and I can't even see trough it: http://www.turboimagehost.com/p/1792004/...g.PNG.html
The strange thing is, when I jump it makes some dust fly up, and that area seems to brake trough the fog wall... I've seen other people talka bout this problem but no solution?

With ZZogl I have an even bigger problem: http://www.turboimagehost.com/p/1792003/...g.PNG.html
I have green and red vertical bars running over the entire screen which makes the game totaly unplayable...

I have searched for these problems but did not find a solution.
I also tried multiple plugin configurations but did not come up with a working combination.
Has anyone found a solution for any of these problems yet? Or am I stuck with it?

Kind regards!

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Post in "Bug Report"!
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Known problem with gsdx in dx9 mode.. THe only fix is using gsdx in dx10 mode
(06-05-2009, 02:21 PM)chaves Wrote: Post in "Bug Report"!

Guess I missed that one.
Tried searching for the modified version with no luck... might try editing it myself, if I can find the correct location that is... Smile.

And if not, I'll just wait until windows 7 comes out for directX 10, don't want to put vista on my desktop again...

Any idea about the ZZogl plugin problem?

(06-05-2009, 02:42 PM)Krakatos Wrote: Known problem with gsdx in dx9 mode.. THe only fix is using gsdx in dx10 mode

I get similar issues still with GSDX DX10 mode. It's not nearly as bad, but the fog still isn't rendered properly. Game is still very playable, though. I just go to Pandora Temple last night and have been able to run the game at full speed with no bugs other than weird fog.
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Yeah I have the same problem. Objects further into the screen than the player don't show up in areas with environmental graphic effects. One area of Athens was really bad, and now in the Underworld. Hard but not impossible to paly through.

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I searched the net for the modified version of the GSdx plugin and found it.
I then made the (very small Ohmy) modification, compiled my own plugin and now the crazy fog is gone!
If anyone wants this modified plugin (no support given by me in any way) PM me, and specify the SSE version you want.
This might break other games, don't know Smile

Thanks for the help!

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