God of War and initial config
Just starting here.

I have PCSX2 0.9.6 and running God of War from original DVD. It runs but the movies go painfully slow and sound stutters. In game I also get some heavy stuttering.

Now I'm wondering if there's some problems running data from the DVD since the title bar on the game window shows the CPU isn't even used up to 50% (I have a core 2 Duo 8400).

So, is the stuttering related to some config problem and reading data from the DVD (that would explain why movies suck so much) or it's just what I can expect from the emulator?

I also tried running the latest beta r1888, but I only get:


and nothing else runs.

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Yeah movie stutter COULD be caused by reading from the DVD. Use a program like imgburn to rip an ISO of your disk and try running that directly with the Linuz ISO CDVD plugin
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Well, making an ISO solved movie stuttering and speed hacks gave me decent FPS. It's still odd though because even with the task monitor the CPU usage doesn't reach 100%, so my CPU seems more than enough to emulate everything, yet there are slowdowns.

I tried FF12 and it seems to run perfect.

Then I tried FFX and I have graphical glitches like some black parts or Tidus hair messed or characters models "trembling". Are there ways to fix these? It's quite odd that FF12 runs great and FFX not...
It is not possible to achieve 100% CPU usage. If you are around 80% then that's the max we can achieve due to threading limitations. Also the CPU % you see in the GSdx output window is that of the GS thread, which in turn means the load on your graphics card.

FFX hair was fixed on the beta 1888 or by using DX10 hardware of GSdx or some clamp mode, I can't remember ATM. Shaky screen can go away by cycling through the various interlace options until it goes away with F5.

Highly recommend you use the beta 1888 both for speed and bugs fixed
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