God of War cutscene bug
Hi everyone,

I've got a small bug when playing God of War. During all cutscenes (and also when watching the Making-of featured on the disc), there this strange half line at the bottom of the screen.

[Image: th_880699577_blackline_122_426lo.jpg]

During gameplay, GOW runs in full-screen-mode without problems, no black areas at all.

CPU: Intel I3 2120 - 3.3GHZ
GPU: Intel HD Graphics 2000
PCSX2-build: 4975
OS: WIn 7 64-bit

all hacks turned off. It also doesn't matter what GSDX-plugin I use. I'm always using Direct3D9-Hardware-mode as it's faster than 10 for me and alwaays choose native resolution.

Have a nice day



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Yes it's a known issue, nothing you can do I'm afraid. But it's pretty minor I guess...
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