God of War in DirectX10
I've been trying to run GoW and so far it's very slow...
I'm using GSdx 0.1.14 and in DirextX9 mode game runs in ~25fps which is inplayable. I've tried DirectX10 mode but in this mode it is olny 10fps. I don't know why this happends,directx10 is supposed to be faster, please help me!

Here are my specs:
C2D [email protected]
Vista 64 bit

Sorry for my bad EnglishSmile

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God of War does challenge the system. Under "Speed Hacks", enable Use x3 Cycle Rate. That made a nice difference on my system. You still may experience some areas where you'll hit a slow down, but overall it will be a nice performance boost.
Phenom II 965 oc 3.9Ghz, ATI 5870, 4 Gigs RAM, Win7-64
some games run better in dx9, some games run MUCH better in dx10
(03-08-2009, 09:11 PM)kalmari92 Wrote: some games run better in dx9, some games run MUCH better in dx10

Yes, I know that some games run better in dx9, but in the forum many people say that GoW runs great in dx10 with huge speed improvement...
it might also be better if you upgraded that cpu to a 3.10 Ghz core 2 duo becoase its recommended
I know that my CPU is too slow, but I've managed to overclock it a little bit more(to 2.88) and now in dx9 it is quite playable(around 40fps).
My problem is that there are some gfx bugs which disapear in dx10 mode... Can anyone write why dx10 mode is so slow on my PC, while many people here write that dx10 mode gave them nice boost.

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