God of War issues
I seem to be getting major graphical glitches while playing God of War. I used both 0.96 and beta 831 and I still get issues. I'm using DX9 with all default settings. Any reason why I'm having trouble?

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Proboably Because of your GPU. Please post your PC specs so that we can be able to help you better.
maybe a sticky should be made on how to make a proper post ;-)
Try using NATIVE option in GSdx config. it removes most of the graphical issues.
I enabled the native option, no dice.

My GPU is an ATI Radeon 4850 1gig of ram.

And with all due respect, I don't need to read a sticky to know how to "post" on here, I just need some simple help ;-)
I think the answer you're looking for is "Ah yes, there's a known issue for God of War which causes Major Graphical Glitches. The solution is to set Setting X to Value Y. This solves everything!".

Unfortunately, the ugly reality is: as much as you might wish it, there usually is no silver bullet; instead, someone might make a suggestion based on information you give them. So, in order to get anything meaningful out of the collective knowledge that is these forums, you need to provide information: (1) as much detail as possible about your machine and (2) as much detail as possible about your issue.

In fact, the more visible effort you put into providing information, the more effort people are motivated to put into finding a solution for you. So start with (1) and (2); if you're unsure about your ability to provide enough information, then ask what's needed (or spend time with other successful, similar posts about other issues and see what kind of information was provided there).
I think a snap of the status will do. it might be the reason of Advanced option in config.
Here's a cap of the status:

[Image: status.jpg]

And here's what it's actually doing:

[Image: godofglitch.jpg]
sound like an old problem. what kind of graphic plugin are you using? the new version of GSDX 0.1.14 (it seems there are a lot of versions so i am confused Tongue2)with 0.9.6 already solved this issue.
mabe this thread will help you: http://forums.pcsx2.net/thread-3404.html...god+of+war
I'm currently using GSDX 1.14 890 plugin. I'm guessing its the latest one.
another image of the game will solve your problem i guess
SCUS_973.99 works well

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