God of War on GTX1060 3GB SC
The game is running at relatively consistent 60fps, but I have only tested the first hour of the game.  I might need a skipdraw=1 if the game's performance demand increases later in the game.  I am uncertain how to calculate the TC Offset in the HW hacks.  Supposed to be X:337 Y:337 for 3x native, X: 370 Y: 370 for 4x native; but I can only guess that 5x native is X:403 Y:403?  Also, how do you calculate the resolution for 5x the native resolution of God of War widescreen patched?  I assume its 5x the total number of pixels of the native resolution in question and not something like 5x the pixel count of the y-axis.  I would post these details on the wiki, but the wiki does not like my ISP.

PCSX2 v1.4.0
BIOS: USA 2.2.0
GS: MSVC 19.00, SSE41
Renderer: OpenGL (requires the video card to support OpenGL 4.5 for perfect emulation of GoW series)
Internal Res: 5x native
External Res: 1600p (has black bars so only 1440p effective)
CRC hack level: Partial
Hardware Depth: Enabled
HW hacks: enabled
Widescreen: active
INTC Spin Detection: Enabled
mVU Flag Hack: Enabled
Wait Loop Detection: Enabled

System Specs:
Win 7 Ultimate x64
Intel i7-860 2.8 @ 3.53 Ghz
G.Skill 8GB DDR3 1866
eVGA GTX 1060 3GB SC

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