God of War small freezes
Hi, mates!!! One more God of War problem.
I'm talkin about, that God of War and God of War II runnin just kinda not stable and not fluid... with VU hack GoW runs realy nice with 59-60 fps, but sometimes some glitches happends like freezes for 0.5sec, with sound glithin in that moment.. its not kratos blinking (that alrdy fixed) its just whole game freezes, its not happenin so often. I can see it when just runnin around, or in video scenes, less often during fights. Maybe there is somethin to fix it, or it's just the way how it works and emulated?

My config is
i5 2400 3.1Ghz
Radeon HD 6950 2Gb
Win 7 x64

Using Dx11 gsdx, all speedhacks reccomended + VU scaling on 2 or 3 (don't decide yet, it seems that on 3 it runs a bit more "sharp" )


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Quote:VU scaling on 2 or 3
using this has side effects, actually....like crashes...
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But without it fps is way 2 low in this games (in GoW 2 VU on 2 sometimes have drops to 50-52fps thats why i playin on VU 3), like 40 fps.. u mean only way to get this freezes away is turn off VU? If thats true, it will be a lil sad, maybe some other suggestions?
Maybe you're running from the disc...?
Offtop... dam it's just unbelievable that they can reach THAT lvl of game graphics on PS 2... + nice game design makes the game sometimes look really Awesome even now!
(08-04-2011, 10:01 PM)Rezard Wrote: Maybe you're running from the disc...?

nope, from NTSC-U iso ... i think its not matter of iso quality cos in GoW was the same problem that in Gow II
If you happen to have the PS 3 HD version God of War, you will notice there is not much difference between the two, "graphic-wise".
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i think maybe HD version have a much better textures, cos if compare PS2 GoW and GoW 2 second have textures with pretty much highter res (espsly on characters) and Kratos model is waay better + HDR effects, and i think, a bit better design... for example snowy level (playing in x4 native scale) is just awesome.

And about freezes... the game is way to awesome and when playing this freezes not so annoying and anyway they are not so often at all. Just will continue playing, GoW 2 is rly nnniiiiiice.
and if you used AA it will be muchhhhhhhhhhhh better
AntiAliasing? For what purpose? Im playin on x4 native and cant see any "pixel stairs"

And about issue... just nevermind if it will be happening more often in some other game i will post.. but now i alrdy finished God of War 2 and that was just Holy Cow Nice! I wasn't expect that the game have such a Awesome storyline and setting.
*random comment*

I'm not a GOW fan but I had to have a look at some HD footage and I have to say this game would really make a good game for some additive gsdx11 tesselation. that dragon in there might even wanna displace itself with some hacks. damn.

mmh. I might wanna get a copy. but I guess it won't run fast here. XD

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