God of Wars & Call of Duty (Lags) (LEGAL!)
Hey, any fix? plugins because I Really wan't to play God of wars on my computer
Just call of duty 1 is laging at the start in the boat, the sound is really bad! and it can lag, but the sound is worst... No graphics problems as I know...

So if anyone can help, it would be really awesome!
Thanks in advance!

AMD Athlojn™ II X2 260 Processor 3.20 GHz

Thanks for help, and if there plugins, I wan't them please!

PCSX2 1.0.0

I think everything is at default except one thing,

3 - Hermite (Better Highs).

Like I said, God of Wars (one) & Call of duty Finest Hour So i'm sure god of wars 2 and cod 2 & cod 3 will not works!

Iso format, everything download from emuparadise,

Thanks for help!

AND YES I BROUGHT THEM! So don't delete my topic again!

I download Iso to play them on PC, I download only games that I've brought on my PS2 and maybe a few times I can download a game to try it if I like it I buy it or I delete it, So don't say that Its illegal...

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It's still considered illegal, all ISO's must came from your OWN PS2 DVDs, and you openly admitted that the ISOs downloaded from a certain website, so your support has been revoked.

*Closed and warned again

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