God of war 2
On the Steeds of Time I've completed the puzzle multiple times by pulling the levers and using the key to keep each power source open. I pulled the levers in multiple orders throughout each attempt . Once all the switches have been lowered I unlock the reighns to raise the platform between the steeds so I can whi them using R1 and then the left analog stick. This is no trouble at all. Were I run into trouble is once I've accomplished all that instead of them pulling the Island like they should my platform shakes violently for a moment and then I'm stuck there the steeds motionless, no movie ,no nothing. what to do ?

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Try load you last save,and try again maybe this are a momentanium bug,simple Re load.
Does the Game Stops (you can't move), then perhaps try making another copy of the game iso.

If not, then make sure you have done that perfectly. (I had to do it 5-7 times Tongue2)
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the game doesn't stop . i can move but there is no use since the platform doesn't get lowered .
There is a video right after that mini game.
From where are you playing the game(disk or image)
How big is the image(if it's image)
the video doesn't load . the size of image is 3.96 GB .
You need to rerip your game, it should be about 6gb.

use Imgburn to make sure you get a good rip
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